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Housing & Stalls Available at Peridot for 2023-24 Desert Dressage Series & 2024 CDIs (HITS & Galway)

Who is planning on attending the 2023-24 Desert Dressage series at Desert International Horse Park?

Who is planning on attending the 2024 HITS Del Mar Dressage Circuit and CDIs at Galway Downs??

For those coming to the San Diego area from out of town, it is the perfect time to come for both series or the whole show season.

Desert Dressage Dates in Thermal, California: October 27-29, 2023: National November 16-19, 2023: CDI-W/National December 14-17, 2023: CDI-W/National January 4-7, 2024: CDI-W/National

In town (San Diego area), you can compete at FIVE CDI’s in just over 3 months and be local to the show grounds from Peridot Equestrian Center! Del Mar is a 30-40 minute drive from us (door to door). Galway Downs is an easy 45 minutes from us.

HITS Del Mar Dressage and Galway CDI Dates:

HITS Del Mar Circuit:

Del Mar Dressage Opener February 1-4 CDI and National show

Del Mar Dressage Classic February 16-18 USEF Level 3 National show/qualifier

Del Mar Dressage Affaire March 21-24 CDI W and USEF Level 3 National show /qualifier

Del Mar National April 11-14 CDI and USEF Level 3 National show/qualifier

CDIs at Galway Downs in Temecula (45 minutes away from Peridot):

Pacific Coast CDI March 7-10, 2024 and

DASC Benefit CDI May 2-5, 2024

For those coming from out of town, it is the perfect time to come for the entire season and get all of your qualifying shows done in gorgeous San Diego.

We have an amazing set up here at Peridot Equestrian Center with a 3 bed/3bath house AND stabling for your horses. We have world-class footing in our covered arena, complete with lights and incredible stereo system for freestyle practice. Our Airbnb is booking up for fall now, so grab your reservation and let us know how many stalls you need for the season!

Details on our property, including guest house reservations and boarding:

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